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About our Firm

Our Mission & Culture

At Levatino|Pace PLLC our mission is to provide our clients with the finest legal service through zealous and aggressive representation, personal attention and professional diligence. When our clients succeed, we succeed. We strive to make lasting relationships with our clients, and do so by being guided by the following principles:

  • Our clients deserve our personal and timely attention. Calls are returned promptly. We must be accessible. When our clients need us, we must be there for them. To that end, we each have cellular telephones and email access, and make ourselves readily available.

  • Our work must be thorough and effective. We are zealous advocates for our clients. They depend on us to aggressively pursue their goals, leaving no stone unturned. Whether in the courtroom or in our research and pleadings, we strive to find ways to best advance the client’s cause.

  • We are counselors as well as advocates. We communicate in clear language that our clients understand. We advise as well as represent. Our clients deserve to know what we do, why we do it, and how it benefits them.

  • Our clients are entitled to professionalism from us. We ascribe to the highest professional ethics, and protect their confidences from improper disclosure.

  • Our clients need to know what lies on the legal horizon. We stay abreast of developments in the law and inform our clients of how these changes may affect them. Our legal services are affordable. We utilize current technology to minimize costs wherever possible.

  • Our community is important to us. We continue to give back to the Austin area through community service and involvement.


Our clients’ interests are paramount. They are the reason we exist as a firm, and within the bounds of professional ethics, we pursue their interests relentlessly. It is our goal to not only to serve as their
attorneys, but as trusted advisors.

Internship Opportunities at Levatino|Pace


Levatino|Pace does occasionally offer internship opportunities for law school students. These internships are highly supervised, and tailored to the individual learner-trainee. 

Interns at L|P can expect to be involved with developing concrete and clearly-defined learning objectives at the beginning of their program. The supervising attorney and the intern will meet formally to develop these learning objectives together and weekly meetings will occur to monitor progress. These learning objectives will be concise and measurable. This ensures both parties envision the same experience and assists the evaluation process. 

Interns can expect both formal and informal evaluations. An internship can only be a true learning experience if constructive feedback is provided. Evaluations will focus on the interns’ learning objectives that were identified at the start of the internship. Attorney supervisors will take time to evaluate both a students positive accomplishments and areas for improvement. If an intern was unable to meet their learning objectives, suggestions for improvement will be given. 

We believe that effective supervision, meaningful and varied assignments, and routine feedback will provide our interns with a unique opportunity that can provide relevant on-the-job training that will assist them with their future career search. All interns will be required to sign confidentiality agreements and are expected to maintain professional office protocols. 

If you are interested in current internship opportunities at Levatino|Pace, please email us and include a cover letter, resume and writing sample.

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