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Construction Law & Litigation

Over the last decade, Levatino | Pace attorneys have developed a solid reputation for handling all types of construction related matters that include helping plan the projects, to drafting and negotiating contracts, and, when necessary, helping resolve the challenges that appear on every construction project. This includes not only litigation but also working with construction professionals to avoid lawsuits and find acceptable solutions. For more information, contact Joel S. Pace at

Wide Variety of Clientele

The firm’s Construction Law & Litigation Practice represents a wide variety people and entities involved in both the residential and commercial construction process. The firm’s clientele include owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. Levatino | Pace¹s construction attorneys counsel and represent this diverse clientele in a myriad of matters and disputes, including Residential Construction Liability Act (”RCLA”) and arbitrations before the AAA.

The Business of Construction

Our attorneys advise clients on an ongoing basis in numerous non-litigation aspects of construction law and the construction business generally, including contract bidding, drafting and negotiation, advice regarding performance under contracts, and private and public project mechanics’ lien and bond claims. The firm also has experience in handling regulatory and administrative reviews on behalf of construction industry clients involved in proceedings before the TRCC and OSHA. We are also regularly involved in the lien process, which in Texas can be quite complex. We can help you protect your lien rights, or if you are the owner, help you protect yourself from wrongfully filed liens. In recent years, our firm has become more involved in the developmental side of construction where we assist our clients in starting development projects. We work with them to ensure that they are protected, that all necessary contracts are prepared, and that the project has the greatest chance of success. Lastly, we also have a strong history of working as General Counsel to a number of general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers connected to the construction industry, providing a broad range of advice on matters of concern to the industry as a whole.

Construction Defect Disputes

A substantial portion of our construction law practice focuses on thedefense of construction defect claims ranging from homeowner complaints toalleged flaws in massive construction projects (i.e., condominium projects,apartments, high-rise buildings, luxury homes, retail development and/or hospitals). We are well-versed in sorting through the intricacies inherent in such complex litigation, including the numerous insurance coverage indemnification, and additional insured issues that always arise.


Over the years, we have learned that the party that first masters the construction documents will have a much better chance to control the litigation. Therefore, we strive to always be prepared so that when an opportunity arises, we can take advantage of it for our clients’ benefit.


Mr. Pace, in particular, has developed a reputation for preparation and for mastering large, complex cases that involve hundreds of thousands of documents.

Trial, Arbitration, and ADR

Our attorneys understand arbitration and other complex ADR processes. We believe that our lawyers’ understanding of both the nuances of the construction industry and the concerns of our clients are as important as legal expertise. Our attorneys have established broad-based relationships within the construction industry that tap into the specialized knowledge that is often essential to effective representation in the field. While we always look for opportunities to strike a favorable negotiated settlement, we also understand that there is a time to submit certain construction disputes to a judge, jury, or arbitration panel.

Insurance Disputes, Coverage, Indemnity & Additional Insured Issues

Levatino|Pace has also developed an expertise in the evaluation and analysis of complex insurance coverage disputes arising out of construction disputes and losses. We often are called to distinguish between covered and non-covered elements of damage in construction defect lawsuits and in pursing additional insured status and indemnity. We also use this knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in structuring their insurance packages.


For more information regarding our Construction Law & Litigation practice, please contact Joel S. Pace.

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