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Church Law

Levatino|Pace LLP, through its partner, Steven Levatino, represents numerous church organizations and affiliated entities. Church organizations have many of the same issues that other secular entities and non profits have on a day to day basis. The Church entities response to these issues, however, is balanced with values often different than the modern secular culture.

As an outside attorney to the Catholic Diocese of Austin, Steven Levatino has experience with the day to day legal issues involving churches. He has experience dealing with legal issues involving employment, corporate structure, non-profit tax, contract, construction, safe environment policies, investigations, background checks, and defense of church entities in litigation.

Steven Levatino has led and coordinated one of the largest church non-profit reorganizations in the country. He has integral experience in structuring non-profit church organizations and creating the corporate and contractual structure between various religious entities all the while keeping in focus the Christian mandate of the organizations.

Steven Levatino is a primary contributor to the child protection policies instituted by the Diocese of Austin.

Steven Levatino has represented church entities in litigation and claims in state and federal court. From claims related to slip and falls, to automobile accidents, to nuisance claims to church sex abuse claims, Steven has assisted his clients in this very difficult environment which is often in conflict with the values of the church entities he represents. Levatino||Pace, LLP provides the following legal representation to church organizations:

  • Arbitrations

  • After School Care Regulation

  • Background Checks

  • Child Protection Policies

  • Child Abuse Reports

  • Construction

  • Consulting Services

  • Contracts

  • Corporations (Formation/Governance)

  • Estate and Gift Planning

  • Financing

  • Foundations

  • First Amendment

  • Handbooks and Policy Manuals

  • Human Resources

  • Investigations

  • Insurance Claims

  • Land Use, Zoning, and Permitting

  • Litigation

  • Mediation

  • Minister Misconduct

  • Political Activities

  • Real Property—Sales, Leases, Exchanges

  • Releases

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Schools

  • Sexual Misconduct Policies

  • Tax Exemptions

  • Unrelated Business Income Tax

  • Volunteer Liability

For More Information

For more information, please contact Steven C. Levatino.

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