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Rodney Reed Update: Stay Granted!

Ten days ago we filed an application for writ of habeas corpus, supported by affidavits from two leading forensic toxicologists who testified that the state’s theory of the case is medically and scientifically impossible. Last week we filed our brief with the Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA), appealing the trial court decision to deny our motion for additional DNA testing. Monday, the State responded to our brief by saying that the murder weapon, which has never been tested for DNA, shouldn’t be tested, and nor should any of the other pieces of evidence found at the murder scene - even though two additional expert witnesses testified that DNA testing would be productive. The State also urged the Court not to delay the execution date while considering the newly presented scientific evidence or our arguments regarding additional DNA testing. (Some might argue the State wants to get the execution out of the way before the truth comes out.) The very same day the State filed its brief, the CCA stayed Rodney’s execution date.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts, support and prayers. Don’t stop now!

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